Mintia Coldsmash

MINTIA_COLDSMASH_Front-uploadMintia COLDSMASH is a relatively new flavor of Mintia mints made by ASAHI.  I saw them for the first time today in “Family Mart”.

The package is a nice dark blue with lighter blue graphics.  This drew my eye right away.  The mints are also a light blue color which makes me happy.

The flavor is very strong.  The strength is very similar to other Mintia mints that I have tasted.  The flavor of this mint seems to me to be mostly peppermint. Although it is sugarless, it is still sweet enough to enjoy.  They use an artificial sweetener called 「ソルビトール」Sorbitol in English.

MINTIA_COLDSMASH_Back-upload With 50 mints in each pack and at a bit over ¥100 per pack, these mints are worth the money.  They are delicious and leave you refreshed.  If you are looking for a way to clean your breath after a night of yakiniku and drinking, these should do the job.


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