JLPT 4 Katakana Words

I have spent a little bit of time preparing some word puzzles to help English speakers practice their katakana. The words used in these puzzles are all words that are part of the JLPT 4 test.

JLPT4_KatakanaWordSearch JLPT4_KatakanaCrossword

I recommend that you try the word search first and once you have completed it, try the crossword puzzle.  Wait at least a few days between the puzles since the word search words are similar to the words that are included in the crossword.
With the word search, circle or highlight all of the words from the word list. With the crossword, please use katakana to fill in all of the squares. The clues are the English equivalents of the katakana words that fill in the blanks.
Download the key once you have completed the puzzle to check your answers.

Good luck and Enjoy!

These are the first of many puzzles and study guides that I have planned. I really need some feedback so be as direct and frank as possible. Leave a comment and let me know what you like and do not like about these puzzles. More are coming soon!

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