KitKat Royal Milk Tea

KitKat-RoyalMilkTea-frontNew for Winter 2009: Royal Milk Tea flavored KitKat. I have seen this in convenience stores and supermarkets all over Tokyo.

Royal Milk Tea is a popular black tea drink in Japan. It is black tea with milk and a lot of sugar. Most brands are very very sweet. I am not sure where the name Royal Milk Tea comes from however it seems as though it is the image of British Tea.

The package of this KitKat has a nice plaid background and a British guard which just reinforces the idea that Royal Milk Tea is a British flavor. The candy itself has a sweet smell with a soft hint of black tea. Milk tea is a good flavor for KitKat because the creamy texture of the chocolate matches the normal taste of milk tea. The flavor is milky with a little tea and the tea flavor remained as an aftertaste.

This is a very delicious KitKat for lovers of Royal Milk Tea. I also recommend this for anyone who likes very sweet candy.

KitKat-RoyalMilkTea-backThe back of the package reads:


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