KitKat Ginger Ale

KitKat-GingerAle-frontAnother delicious KitKat flavor from Nestle Japan. Ginger Ale!

Ginger Ale KitKat comes in a box that contains two packs of KitKat. Each one has two sticks. The front of the package shows a glass of Ginger Ale with a slice of lemon in it. The front of the box also mentions that 0.3% of Lemon Powder is used along with artificial
ginger ale flavors.

The candy bar is an off white color and has the scent of ginger and lemon. The first bite revealed a lemon flavor and a ginger taste slowly started to appear. The lemon and ginger blend went really well together to create a refreshing flavor. A ginger taste lingers as an aftertaste.

If you like ginger ale then this would be a good snack to try. If you are not a fan of ginger then this snack may not be for you as the ginger flavor lingers for a while after eating. All in all, this is a nice refreshing flavor for KitKat!

KitKat-GingerAle-backThe back of the package reads:


This last part means that they used ginger ale flavored chocolate which is filled with a cream that contains ginger ale powder, lemon powder and “bubbly” powder.


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