N5 Kanji iPad App

I have finished my iPad application. It was approved by Apple.
It is specifically designed to practice drawing and reviewing the readings and meanings of all the kanji characters that you need to know for the JLPT N5 test.

It is a very simple app that has 2 screens to work with.
The main menu:

Here you can choose the character that you would like to study. The colored backgrounds of the buttons have special meanings.
Grey buttons are characters that you have never studied before.
Red buttons are characters that you have not studied in a while and you should study as soon as possible.
Yellow buttons are characters that you will need to study soon. If there are no red buttons then you should study these.
Green buttons are characters that you don’t need to study now but you can if you want to.

The other major screen is the study screen:

This is where you do all of the work. The top row is boxes that show the readings and meaning of each character.
The “Switch” button changes the content of the boxes to show or hide the readings and meanings as well as hiding the stroke order of the kanji.
Below the switch button are some examples of how to use the kanji character.

This is a very simple app that can help you pass the kanji section of the JLPT N5 test.


This app has been discontinued.  Thank you to everyone that downloaded and used it.  I hope it helped you prepare for the test.



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