Mongol800 – 小さな恋の歌

This is a wonderful song song to sing in karaoke.  I think that, basically, all Japanese young adults (18-30) know this song,  If not by name then by the music itself.  It is a beautiful rock song with a good tempo.  The flow is very smooth and it has a good rhythm.  You can master this song in a few days and be singing it in your favorite karaoke joint by next week.

The “karaoke” version in hiragana:

Karaoke Romaji version:

The karaoke version with kanji (bad audio):

I am not sure of the legality of posting lyrics so I will show you a great site with the lyrics in romaji and a good translation:



The bands name is Mongol 800 and young people often call it もんぱち for short.

For more information about the band, visit the website:

Or check out their Wikipedia page.

Good luck!  Enjoy singing!  Let me know how it went over with your karaoke friends!


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