Hello. My name is Steve. I have been studying Japanese on and off for about 5 years. I make a lot of improvments then I stop studying so everytime I start studying again, I need to go back and review everything that I have forgotten. Sound familiar? I hope not.

To motivate myself to study and really see an improvment in my abaility to speak Japanese, I decided to try the JLPT test level 2 this year. Although I passed level 3 pretty easily, I stopped studying for about 6 months or so. During that time, I barely used Japanese at all. Now a year and a half has passed and I noticed that I have fallen so far behind that to actually be prepared to pass level 2 will take commitment and dedication. For this, I decided to make a small blog that chronicles my study habits which will hopefully keep me motivated by seeing how far I have gone since I started. In addition to the blog, I plan to write some small articles on study techniques that help me and hopefully they can be of benefit to you too!

Please come back often.


For questions or comments, please mail me at: linuxspaz {at} gmail ・ com

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